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Live-streams recordings and presentations 


Recordings of our live streams are on their way! You can expect them to be available in just a few days, along with the missing presentation slides. Our team is working hard to ensure that you have access to all the valuable content you may have missed.

Digital Twin & Digital Product Passport 


How to Become a Digital Champion

Tim Schojohann, Cryptar CEO and Plattform Industrie 4.0 Member and Co-Author

In this talk, Tim Schojohann will give an outlook on the upcoming Plattform Industrie 4.0 publication: Becoming a Digital Champion - Digital transformation towards data economy. This upcoming publication has been written by the CCM working group, focusing on underlying requirements to enable minimum viable collaboration in a multilateral context. 

The recording will be available soon. 


A Bicycle Ride: The Digital Product Passport 4.0

Rüdiger Fritz, SAP

A bicycle ride: The Digital Product Passport 4.0: Rüdiger Fritz will explain the 'positive' OI4 approach to DPP burden by illustrating the current state and roadmap of OI4 DPP-Working Group. He further will give some insights of the current DPP legacy.

The recording will be available soon.


Consortial Project Component Suppliers: Phase II & HM Challenge  

Britta Waligora, conplement

Christian Güntler, conplement 

Britta Waligora and Christian Günther will provide insights about the formation of an OI4-  internal consortial project leading to an AAS platform. As Phase 1 is closed they will also draw an outline for activities of and roadmap of Phase 2.


The recording will be available soon. 


DIDIZ - Innovation Center

Dr. Arnd Menschig, Zeiss

The presentation introduces digital twin building during asset production at the manufacturer and initial asset operation at the customer using standard communication protocols, micro service software architecture and innovative deployment technologies. For the digital twin usage a harmonized data delivery within various sensor pipelines utilizing well-established protocols and uniform semantics is discussed.

The recording will be available soon. 


Getting a head start in the world of AAS dataspaces & Eclipse BASYX

Frank Schnicke, Fraunhofer IESE

AAS dataspaces promise a wealth of benefits for participating organisations. However, building and maintaining your own AAS infrastructure to join a dataspace is a complex task. Existing solutions such as Eclipse BaSyx and the AAS Dataspace for Everbody project allow organisations to get started immediately - without having to worry about every detail.

The recording will be available soon. 

IT - OT Integration


DEXPI​ - the Entry into Asset Lifecycle Information  Management​

Wilhelm Otten, DEXPI

The current information management in the asset lifecycle of the process industry based on drawings/diagram (analog) and Excel lists requires high effort, is complex and error prone. The solution for this problem is a consistent information management along the asset lifecycle, from process development till operation and demolition of the plant, covering the essential disciplines, process engineering, machine/apparatus, piping, and automation.

The recording will be available soon. 


Application Management

Sam Greising, Flecs

The content of the presentation is to reflect the current status of the Application Management Working Group. We will also take a look at the OKRs for 2024. At the end of the presentation, Sam will give an overview of the World Café, which the working group is organizing the next day for all interested parties.

The recording will be available soon. 


Development KIT for OI4 Compliant Edge Applications 

Armin Beck, Hilscher

The OI4 Core Library simplifies and standardizes the development of Open Industry 4.0 Alliance compliant apps. According to the OI4 Development Guideline, developers can model a complete app using the powerful API of the SDK.


The recording will be available soon. 


New Reference Architectures 

Rüdiger Fritz, SAP 

Michael Riester, Endress + Hauser

Rüdiger and Michael (OI4 Workgroup Leads of Common Cloud Central and Open Operator Cloud) will present the current developments in the approach to use case-oriented Architectural Guardrails.


The recording will be available soon. 

Manufacturing - X, Factory - X, SMEs


About The MANUFACTURING-X and FACTORY-X Initiative

Georg Kube, SAP 

Dominik Rohrmus, SIEMENS

What are the goals of Manufacturing-X, what flagship projects and use cases, as well as organizations and committees, are hidden behind these collaborative projects and supported initiatives? Explanation using the example of FX - Open Industry 4.0 Alliance companies, and Open Industry 4.0 Alliance is itself active within the consortium.


The recording will be available soon. 


FACTORY-X Bisiness models for SME

Marek Meyer, Hilscher 

Jonas Wirth, Trumpf & TBC

How to make Factory-X Use Cases accessible to the entire industry and ensuring added value for all? 

The recording will be available soon. 


Factory-X: An opportunity for SME - Potential of digital data exchange in the industry 

Rica Holzmann, Soffico


The recording will be available soon. 


Navigating Challenges in Industrial Manufacturing 

Matthias Odrobina, PwC

Companies in industrial manufacturing currently face a variety of challenges that require different solutions. Innovative technologies and software solutions promise to be key drivers for efficiency improvements or cost savings within their own organizations. However, they typically address only specific aspects of a strategy and compete with large transformation projects for budgets. With a market survey, we, as PwC Holdings, aim to provide transparency and demonstrate where needs and opportunities lie, which can provide important impulses for both the current and the next generation of "Hidden Champions."

The recording will be available soon. 


Next Level of Knowledge Sharing 

Ekrem Yigitdöl, OI4 Alliance

Belizer Pakic, Pakic GmbH

The recording will be available soon. 


How AI can Improve ROI in Your Industry 4.0 Projects

Vikas Goel, Tvarit