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Meet the Alliance: Get in touch with us and our work

The road to success continues – welcome to our „Meet the Alliance” on June 30th. Being an implementation alliance, we are happy to present our progress and implementation projects, network with industry leaders, and connect you to the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance.

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Community & Workgroup Coordinator / Community Project Lead (M/F/D)

Our openness, collaboration and focus on customer value clearly differentiate us from similar initiatives. The bigger and stronger the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance becomes, the more successfully we can master the major challenges of Industry 4.0 together. Our approach enables our members to actively advance the fourth industrial revolution.

Become part of our team with your role as Community & Workgroup Manager and set the course with us for the continued successful positioning of OI4 in the Industry 4.0 market. Carry our Industry, Technology and Community vision into the industry 4.0 world with us! Work closely with the OI4 leadership team, the powerful and international member companies and partners!

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For more information, please contact the press team:

Ulrike Götz

Open Industry 4.0 Alliance PR Lead
Phone: +49 170 70 69 613

Felicitas Schurig

Berkeley Kommunikation
Phone: +49 89 74 72 62 41