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Become part of our team with your role as Working Student in Marketing, Events & Content and set the course with us for the continued successful positioning of the OI4 Alliance in the Industry 4.0 market.
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  • Join Our Team - Working Student (m/w/d) – Marketing, Events & Content

    Join Our Team - Working Student (m/w/d) – Marketing, Events & Content

  • OI4 Demonstrator for Process Industry - Sustainability Factory in the Netherlands

    Using the example of an existing model plant at the Flow Centre of Excellence inside the Dutch Duurzaamheidsfabriek (Sustainability Factory), the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance demonstrated that Alliance members can work together to accelerate the transformation.

  • Open Industry 4.0 Alliance realigns itself

    Reinach, Schweiz, 13.12.2022 – Die Open Industry 4.0 Alliance hat sich im Rahmen der Jahreshauptversammlung am 9. Dezember 2022 neu aufgestellt. So wird Dr. Christian Liedtke, verantwortlich für strategische Allianzen bei KUKA, ab sofort die Funktion als Chairman of the Board bei der Allianz einnehmen und in dieser Rolle auch die Sprecherfunktion übernehmen. Hans Huber, Managing Director Industrial Internet of Things bei Endress+Hauser, und Dr. Marius Grathwohl, Vice President Digital Products and Transformation bei MULTIVAC, werden als Teil des Executive Boards der Allianz Dr. Christian Liedtke unterstützen. Nils Herzberg, bisheriger Sprecher der Allianz und Vorstandsmitglied, verlässt SAP zum Jahresende und gibt damit auch seine Funktion innerhalb der Allianz auf. Ihm folgt Georg Kube, Global Vice President bei SAP, als neu gewähltes Vorstandsmitglied.

  • Feeding the digital twin: The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance integrates ECLASS as a new standard

    Reinach, Schweiz, 22.11.2022 – The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance is cooperating with ECLASS to adapt the only globally used and ISO/IEC-non-compliant reference data standard for the classification and unique description of products and services. Through ECLASS, product master data can be exchanged digitally across all borders. This is a standard that is already established in the industrial, retail and service sectors and is driving Industry 4.0 initiatives. As part of the partnership, the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance will rely on the ECLASS standard to provide the basis for IIoT and Industry 4.0 assets and to further expand the innovation capabilities of its members and their end users for the future.

  • Open Industry 4.0 Alliance and Labs Network Industrie 4.0 work together for digital transformation

    Reinach, Schweiz, 22.11.2022 – The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance is now working together with the Labs Network Industrie (LNI) 4.0 e.V. - a fast growing network of more than 45 renowned test centers (labs) and around 300 companies throughout Germany. The LNI 4.0 test the most diverse industry 4.0 topics in their practical application across more than 120 use cases and five large testbeds. As part of their partnership, the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance and the LNI 4.0 are leveraging their collaborative synergies to test implementations of Industry 4.0 use cases for medium-sized businesses. 

  • SPS 2022 in Nuremberg: The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance shows how digital transformation can be achieved quickly in real-life situations

    Reinach, Switzerland, 19.10.2022 – The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance will be at SPS 2022, in Hall 5 at Stand 160, which takes place from 8 to 10 November in Nuremberg. The Alliance will present real-life examples and use cases for smart and digital automation within diverse sectors such as logistics, the process industry and mechanical engineering, to interested delegates. The focus will be on the practical application and sensible orchestration of a wide range of industry standards. In addition, the Alliance will cover three technological topics during the event: The implementation of the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) and the expansion of Data Spaces and Edge Computing. The Alliance will also highlight why it is becoming increasingly international and oriented towards the end customers of its members and provide information on the progress and expansion of its industry and technology working groups.

  • Three questions for Anna Principato

    What in particular attracted you to the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance and the position of community manager at the OI4? What goals have you set for your first year at OI4 and how do you plan to achieve them? Do you already have concrete plans on how you will promote good relations between the members and the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance?

  • Highly available warehouses across the supply chain – OI4 Implementation Award II

    The joint GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group and Dunkermotoren project team took just under three months to set up a comprehensive Industry 4.0 project in GEBHARDT's fully operational main warehouse. This project was awarded the second Implementation Award from the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance.

  • Open Industry 4.0 Alliance steps up internationalization starting with Netherlands focus

    Reinach, Switzerland, 07.09.2022 - The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance is purposefully pushing ahead with its internationalization approach. The focus in the coming weeks will be on the Netherlands where its flagship project is an integrated process factory in the Duurzaamheidsfabriek (the Sustainability Factory) at the ROC da Vinci College in Dordrecht near Rotterdam. The project received the first Implementation Award from the Alliance in February 2022.

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    Die Open Industry 4.0 Alliance verleiht den zweiten Implementation Award 2022 an ihre Mitglieder GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group und Dunkermotoren. Ziel des Projekts am Hauptstandort von GEBHARDT in Sinsheim ist Predictive Maintenance und Vermeidung von Stillstand im Lagerbetrieb.

  • Hannover Messe: Open Industry 4.0 Alliance und owl maschinenbau treiben gemeinsam die Nutzung industrieller Apps voran

    Reinach, Schweiz, 24.05.2022 – Die Open Industry 4.0 Alliance kooperiert ab sofort mit dem owl maschinenbau e.V., einem Unternehmensnetzwerk für Maschinenbau, Automatisierungs- und Produktionstechnik in Ostwestfalen-Lippe. Im Rahmen einer Fördermitgliedschaft werden die Allianz und der owl maschinenbau vor allem die Entwicklung eines industrieweiten Öko-Systems für industrielle Apps unterstützen.

  • The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance presents the access and implementation potential of members at Hannover Fair 2022

    Reinach, Switzerland, 03.05.2022 - The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance will be presenting at the Hannover Fair 2022, from May 30 to June 2 (Hall 8, Booth C08), with the theme ‘Connect to the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance’.

  • The EU Data Act and the Alliance Become Personal Trainers for the Industry’s Data Fitness

    Reinach, Switzerland, 22.03.2022 - Open Industry 4.0 Alliance welcomes the EU Data Act. As a community of implementation pragmatists, it will effectively support its members following the rapid introduction of this new EU regulation.

  • Three questions for Ricardo Dunkel

    What most attracted you to the role as Technical Director of the Alliance? What are your goals for the OI4 Alliance? How will you support the Alliance develop its external image? Read his answers here.

  • Better together: The power of the OI4 Implementation Alliance community

    An integration project at Dutch Duurzaamheidsfabriek (Sustainability Factory) has received the Alliance's first OI4 Implementation Award. It took barely three months from the idea to the first results, which is a testament to the performance of those involved

  • Aalborg University successfully trials open architecture of Open Industry 4.0 Alliance

    Reinach, Schweiz / Aalborg, Denmark, 25 January 2022 – Since 2014, the Danish government, industrial companies and academia have been working together to establish new technologies in all industry segments as part of the Danish association MADE (Manufacturing Academy of Denmark).

  • Media Alert: The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance invites you to the virtual in-house exhibition on January 26/27, 2022

    On two half-days (January 26, 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., January 27, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.), the alliance will provide information on current cooperation projects in the field of Industry 4.0.

  • Strategic partnership: Industrial Digital Twin Association and Open Industry 4.0 Alliance agree on close cooperation

    Frankfurt am Main, Germany / Reinach, Switzerland, January 12, 2022 – The Industrial Digital Twin Association e.V. (IDTA) and the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance (OI4) have signed a memorandum of understanding for close cooperation. The goal of the cooperation is to further advance digitization in the industry based on the Asset Administration Shell (AAS). Initial cooperation projects show how the two organizations complement each other.

  • Open Industry 4.0 Alliance continues to grow in 2021

    Reinach, Switzerland / SPS Nuremberg, December 13, 2021 – The largest corporate alliance for Industry 4.0 in Germany, the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance (OI4), continued to grow in 2021, despite the ongoing pandemic, setting important milestones and now numbering 92 member companies.

  • The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance at SPS 2021

    Reinach, Switzerland / SPS Nuremberg, October 21, 2021 – The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance, founded at Hannover Messe in 2019, will present current cooperation projects from the field of Industry 4.0 at SPS in Nuremberg, the largest international trade fair for electrical automation technology, from November 23-25, 2021 under the motto "Connect to the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance."

  • C-level event "Digitize Your Food" at MULTIVAC was a complete success

    Last Thursday , 07.10.2021, the top-class C-level event "Digitize your Food" took place in the Swabian town of Wolfertschwenden, organized by the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance together with packaging expert MULTIVAC. The event brought 100 decision-makers together who experienced an impressive deep dive into the world of Food & Beverage industry, listened to exciting presentations and networked with each other in a professional atmosphere.

  • Ekrem Yigitdoel as new Managing Director of the Open Industry Alliance 4.0

    Reinach, Schweiz, 1 October 2021 - With immediate effect, the Open Industry Alliance 4.0 will be led and represented by Ekrem Yigitdoel as Managing Director. Thus, the alliance is strengthening its core team and setting the course for continued successful positioning in the Industry 4.0 market.

  • The smart robot factory in the brownfield

    Open Industry 4.0 Alliance member KUKA demonstrates the freestyle in Industry 4.0: connecting a manufacturing cell to the cloud in ongoing production and providing it with all the features of a smart factory. This was only made possible thanks to teamwork between members of the alliance, first and foremost: Fujitsu, SAP and 3d Signals.

  • Open Industry 4.0 Alliance and Packaging Valley to shape Industry 4.0 together

    Reinach, Switzerland/ Waiblingen, Germany, September 6, 2021 – The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance, an association of companies aiming to drive digitalisation on factory floors, is working with Packaging Valley Germany e.V., a cluster of organisations from the packaging industry in the south of Germany.

  • Open Industry 4.0 Alliance Practical Example: How the packaging industry is taking its transformation into its own hands

    Reinach, Switzerland, May 17, 2021 – Transformation in the food industry ostensibly offers the advantage of auditability to identifythe production history behind each individual batch. But for the suppliers of manufacturing plants in this market, the transformation of vertical and horizontal production chains means reaching a new level of economic efficiency and increased business processes.

  • Die Open Industry 4.0 Allianz heißt Microsoft und Siemens als neue Mitglieder willkommen

    Reinach, Schweiz, 22. April 2021 - Die Open Industry 4.0 Alliance, ein Zusammenschluss von Unternehmen mit dem Ziel, die Digitalisierung voranzutreiben und einen echten Mehrwert in den Fabriken zu schaffen, begrüßt zwei Schwergewichte aus der IT- und OT-Branche: Microsoft und Siemens.

  • Hanover Fair: Open Industry 4.0 Alliance presents the first independent app store

    Reinach, Switzerland, 24 March 2021 - The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance, an association of industrial companies aiming to drive digitalisation and create real added value on factory floors, will present itself in detail to a broad audience at Hannover Messe from 12-16 April 2021. The Alliance will offer interested parties many opportunities for access and interaction.

  • Cyber security in industrial plants still recklessly neglected - the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance provides a practical framework for action

    Reinach, Switzerland, 23 February 2021 - the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance has published a strategic paper on "Cyber Security Design Principles" in industrial plants. The paper shows which ISO/IEC standards on cyber security are integrated and which practices of other bodies and alliances, such as Cloud Security Alliance, FIRST, MITRE or OWASP, the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance relies on for the implementation of deep cyber security across all layers.

  • The digital twin and the vintage drill

    Members of the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance such as Endress + Hauser, Festo, KUKA, Pepperl + Fuchs Group, SAP and Schunk are also founding members of the "Industrial Digital Twin Association" (IDTA), which was recently founded in September.

  • The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance and the GAIA-X Foundation

    Reinach, Switzerland, 10. September 2020 - In June 2020, 22 companies and organizations from France and Germany - including Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG from Verl, Germany - took another major step towards the European digital infrastructure with the establishment of the GAIA-X Foundation.

  • Initiatives for intralogistics in view of the coronavirus crisis

    The demands placed on intralogistics are becoming ever more demanding as a result of crises such as the current COVID-19 pandemic and the trend towards individualisation right down to batch size 1, as opposed to survey findings from last year on production logistics among German SMEs by Swiss material flow specialist Interroll.

  • „I am a drill machine from 1900, I can still drill.“

    On July 16 and 17, 2020, the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance held its first "Virtual Fair", presenting the its strategy, active working groups, deployed technologies and initial case studies in numerous zoom meetings. With Endress+Hauser, Hilscher Gesellschaft fuer Systemautomation, KUKA, MULTIVAC, Pepperl + Fuchs, SAP, SVA and Voith, 8 members and 14 speakers from the now total of 60 Alliance members contributed.

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