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There are countless brilliant disruptors in the industry. We are the team that brings them together with like-minded people to drive change even further.

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We are a diverse team of industry experts with a focus on networking and managing perfect implementation projects. Together with our partners and members from business, politics and science, we are always ready to support you in your mission and the success of your Industry 4.0 projects. Below you’ll read more about who is challenging the status quo on your behalf.

OI4 Core Team


Michelle Diaz

Back-Office Coordination & Assistance to the OI4 Management

Hola, I am Michelle, my role is to assist the Managing Director and support the management team in the strategy implementation and further development of the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance, from back-office to organizational arrangements , and lately supporting on the accounting processes. I bring several years of previous experience as accounting & financial auditor and controller for different industries , and now since summer 2022, I am happily working for the Alliance.

Shahenda Diab

Community & Workgroup Support

Hello dear OI4 community. My name is Shahenda. I joined the OI4 Alliance at the End of November 2022. I started with supporting the Netherlands kick-off project, which was a great start. I am community and workgroup supporter, giving my best to assist the team wherever needed, especially between the work groups and for writing activities.


Become part of our team with your role as Operations & Partner Network Manager and set the course with us for the continued successful positioning of the OI4 Alliance in the Industry 4.0 market.
Carry our Industry, Technology and Community vision into the Industry 4.0 world with us! Work closely with the OI4 leadership team, the powerful and international member companies and partners!

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