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Operations Executives are at the bottom of the value chain? We don't think so. We’re breaking with the laws of market forces and take on translation of every step of the conversation for you. We also support you in the implementation and realization of Industry 4.0 topics. Together with the members and partners of the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance, shaping your business is just a click away.


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Benefits for Operations Executives


We're here to implement the latest connectivity technologies in your operation – proven by real end-to-end use cases from and with our members and partners.


With our guidelines and our reference architecture, we minimize your risks for getting started with targeted Industry 4.0 projects.


The Alliance will provide you with all expertise necessary from our tech experts and integrate you fully into our process house.


Serve your market with the best strategies to overcome the challenges we discovered when analyzing your industry. Perfectly embedded in your KPIs and goals.


Strengthen your network by collaborating with the best industrial experts. Our appropriate formats put you on the map and let you connect the dots.


Expand your knowledge of everything related to implementing, building, designing, and moving through the value chain with appropriate life-cycle and key member insights.

What's in it for you as Operations Executive?

Translating the disruptive forces in the market into meaningful benefits and formats for Operations Executives.

Political, societal and technological decisions - intertwined with macro and micro trends, these market changers are hard to miss, yet hard to grasp. As an Operations Executive, you will experience first-hand how we provide a deeper understanding of these disruptive forces. This puts you in control of the market and not only saves you money on the introduction of outstanding new technologies, but also allows you to be at the forefront of Industry 4.0 developments. Together with the Alliance, its members and customers, your operator knowledge will thrive in projects, working groups and regional market hubs.

Our Process House

Full integration into cross-company processes along the value chain of your ecosystem

Never before has a group of industry pioneers narrowed the knowledge gap for implementation as much as the Alliance. You will be able to communicate with all levels of complexity and responsibility. The process house enables us to speak the same language with all involved stakeholders on both process and use case level. This allows you to develop faster and build with confidence. And it even makes it the first cross-enterprise platform that gives you access to approved standardized builds, a working marketplace, deep-insight project summaries and knowledge bases like our reference architecture. Overcome the limitations of specialized silos and start the conversation on a holistic level with our members, partners, and your future customers.

Join the future-proof solutions alliance

The direction-setters and trends are here to stay. But you don't have to be on the receiving end of the conversation. Work with us to shape markets and businesses in the way that's best for you.
To find out more, talk to our Managing Director Ekrem Yigitdöl.


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