Open Industry 4.0

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Purpose of the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance

By joining our alliance, manufacturers and providers of Industry 4.0 solutions and services worldwide can collectively help their customers to successfully transition to the industrial internet of things. Thanks to new synergies, Open Industry 4.0 Alliance members master Industry 4.0 – and enable operators to take business to the next level.


Check the brochure to discover more about the OI4 Alliance, OI4 Industry & Technology workgroups, positioning at the market, OI4 Process House with use cases & OI4 Reference Architecture.


Our Benefits for You and Your Customers


Integrate your projects into our proven ecosystem based on our members’ extensive technical foundation. Our reference architecture and implementation guidelines are ready to go.


Think outside the box: We teach and learn the specifics of each industry and create new perspectives from synthesis. Industry 4.0 is our focus and we design the implementation around this topic.


Our interoperability-focused mindset will make you a market challenger. Increase your revenue by implementing I4.0 project directly.


Benefit from a variety of reference cases, easy-to-use concepts and lighthouse projects to achieve faster time-to-market.


With us at your side, you can scale faster. And how? With our security and implementation guidelines for all types of I4.0products and services.


As a founding member of the alliance, we can offer our current customers in the process industry new digital products and services, which are future-proof and fulfill the high security requirements of the industry.

– Hans Huber, General Manager Industrial IoT, Endress+Hauser