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Purpose of the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance

By joining our alliance, manufacturers and providers of Industry 4.0 solutions and services worldwide can collectively help their customers to successfully transition to the industrial internet of things. Thanks to new synergies, Open Industry 4.0 Alliance members master Industry 4.0 – and enable operators to take business to the next level.


Our vision and mission

At Open Industry 4.0 Alliance, we create customer value by promoting holistically developed, interoperable Industry 4.0 solutions and services. To achieve this, we follow a common framework both developed and powered by a group of industry leaders.

Work together to deliver customer value

Create a viable Industry 4.0 ecosystem

Ensure operators & OEMs collaborate

Establish a common platform & semantics

Our customers demand an open, compatible collaboration in which each company contributes its strengths for the greater good. The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance is the answer to this demand.

Dr. Christian Liedtke, Head of Strategic Alliances, KUKA AG

Our promises