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There’s space for your company in the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance. After all, being open means welcoming new members! Through collaboration, and by speaking the same language, we can drive Industry 4.0 forward as one team. And reach your company’s and your customers’ digitalization targets.

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For future users and members of the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance, open and transparent cooperation within the Alliance will be crucial. Users expect competition of product and services based on open, compatible and standards-based ecosystems for maximum security of investments. 




Your Journey

1. Contact

• Choose a time and date – and we will have our first conversation

• We will give you an insight into our way of working and show you the core concepts of our vision

2. Agreement

• Complete the Membership Form

• Get to know the tools we use in an onboarding session

• Your membership journey begins!

3. Participate

• Introduce yourself to the Community at the Monthly Member Meeting

• Meet the Work Group & Project Leads & collaborate

• Join our Community events

4. Impact

• Consume ready-to use guidelines 

• Be at the forefront of digitalization topics

• Exchange knowledge with experts in their fields

• Reach your digitalization targets efficiently



We have gathered all the necessary information for you to join below. Still missing anything? Let us know and we will send them to you. 

Antitrust/Competition Compliance Program

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Membership fees

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Member Application

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Sponsored Member Application

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Project Partner Application

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IPR Policy

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Membership Matrix

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There is no other community that has a comparable focus on interoperability as the Alliance. How can you become part of this innovation center? First, let us tell you what to expect. Learn all about the benefits of becoming a candidate – even before you fully join. Benefits? Yes! Get insights from industry leaders in your sector, connect with talent around the world, and even participate in real collabs as our members execute their first implementation project.

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A Whole Ecosystem Ready for Operators

As an operator, you want to take full advantage of digital transformation across all industries. Don’t wait any longer! As a customer of Open Industry 4.0 Alliance members, we put you in the driver's seat of innovation. Benefit from the rapid adoption and interoperable solution architecture of our members – and from providers you already trust. Contact us, or download our Operator Overview here.

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