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Talkers talk, we implement – GEBHARDT meets Dunkermotor

Accessing intralogistics through data

GEBHARDT’s fully automated warehouse architecture was enriched through deep insights from Dunkermotoren and their components for intralogistics. Focusing on predictive maintenance in a crucial step of supply chains, the project raised high interest in other partners to join forces in this OI4 Alliance collab.

What they did

Automation is the key to success for projects around IoT and I4.0 – because data is created here that is processed at different levels. Insight and control over data from automated sources always poses an interesting challenge.

Connectivity had to be established not only between devices, different cloud structures and business logics. As part of the DNA of the OI4 Alliance, standards were also implemented to share intralogistics data between all stakeholders in our so-called OI4 Process House matrix.

Open Edge Cloud Platforms that intelligently and locally process data where it is needed: In this project, the bridge was built between the GEBHARDT Galileo IoT® platform, the Galileo Insight extension and the cloud infrastructure of Dunkermotoren – based on the AAS standard supported by the Alliance.

Project Recap

Building Blocks of the Project


The project was carried out in GEBHARDT's fully functional warehouse in Sinsheim. The warehouse containers (GEBHARDT Cheetah® operating devices for containers and shelves as well as GEBHARDT shuttles of the StoreBiter® type) run on fully automated conveyor belts and are set in motion by Dunker motors (type BG66 and BG75 Dunkermotors).

Implementation Goals

The goal was to access the data of the Dunker motors and feed the data into the Galileo IoT® Platform – in order to calculate downtimes and predict maintenance. For this purpose, the Asset Administration Shell was used, which is standard in the OI4 Alliance. It enables an administrative superstructure in the cloud architecture and the smooth exchange and flow of data.


By mapping the container and motor data as digital twins in GEBHARDT's virtual ecosystem (GEBHARDT Galileo IoT® Platform), users were able to tap into when maintenance and spare parts were needed – in real time. All data could also be fed and assessed by Dunkermotor's cloud infrastructure. This enables full use in the warehouse and increases the efficiency of intralogistics.


The project achieved operational successes in the direct usability, onboarding of new assets, monitoring of states and integration into the enterprise logic. All available data could be designed and implemented in partnership and with rapid market readiness thanks to the guidelines and architecture of the OI4 Alliance. The result: an intralogistics system that promises new transparency and additional productivity increases for operators through standardized signal flow.

At Hannover Messe, we showed an example of how we will access one of our motors in one of the GEBHARDT shuttles live via a tablet in the GEBHARDT warehouse. We can also show the status data visually in a standardised way, i.e. not in the form of a demo programmed for trade fair purposes that only works in a specific configuration. At GEBHARDT, the visualisation of the standardised status data provided via the AAS is carried out directly in Galileo® IoT without having to integrate separate dashboards for example.

– Markus Weishaar, Director of IIoT & Services at Dunkermotoren


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