Open Industry 4.0

About the Alliance

The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance provides a powerful network – for developing and scaling products and services that leverage the Industrial Internet of Things. The advantage that helps us achieve this? Our members. Among the leading tech talent, we work hand-in-hand to make an incredible impact across all industries facing implementation challenges.


Our members are the backbone for your next implementation project. Get to know your future partners here.

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Whitepaper and Guidelines

Learn more about how we get things moving – and how we put implementation at the heart of every I4.0 development.

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Collective capabilities

Although the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance itself doesn’t provide products or services, our members certainly do. Explore the interoperable solutions and services by industry segment that our members are currently collaborating and working on.

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Marketplace Directory

In our Marketplace Directory you and your customers can take the opportunity to discover our vision of common innovative standards today.

Members submit products, services and more to our easy-to-search directory, have them checked for compliance to our standards, to offer them to a broader audience. This way, we connect the industry with the latest solutions – keeping security and interoperability in mind always.

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