Open Industry 4.0

Recap of SPS Italia in Parma 


The SPS Italia, held from May 23 to 25, 2023, in Parma, was a significant event with a strong focus on digital and software-based automation.  

The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance’s presence at SPS Italia demonstrated the dedication to working together internationally and encouraging digital change in European industries. The SPS Italia featured practical demonstrations, such as the IFM booth, showcasing the seamless integration of different systems and the benefits of the Open Industry 4.0 Asset Administration Shell. 

Also, visitors participated in the “Follow the Twin Challenge”, now in its 3rd edition. Participants had the opportunity to experience the Asset Administration Shell and Digital Twin tangibly! 

The event’s special highlight was the opportunity to meet key members of the OI4 team. Anna Principato, Community & Regional Hub Manager, and Ricardo Dunkel, Technical Director, provided insights into the Alliance’s initiatives. They were joined by Ekrem Yigitdöl, Managing Director, and Dr. Christian Liedtke, President of the Board (KUKA), who shared their vision and strategic directions for the Alliance. Additionally, experts like Sanna Rieder, Digital Strategy Consultant from Botcraft, and Raphael Vallazza, Co-founder & CEO of Endian, along with Luis Aigner, Creative Director of Endian, were there to discuss the latest trends and solutions in the Industry 4.0 space. 

During the fair, the talk "The Importance of Industrial Alliances - From the Industry to the Industry" was held by Francesca Margherita Chifari (40Factory), Sanna Rieder (BotCraft), Ekrem Yigitdoel & Anna Principato (both Open Industry 4.0 Alliance). In this session, the purpose of the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance as the implementation community was explored, comprising a vibrant community of very diverse members and strategic partners, all united in advancing industrial innovation. The mission, methodology, and ongoing projects, including the Follow the Twin Challenge , were discovered. Firsthand insights were gained from members Francesca Margherita Chifari and Sanna Rieder, as they shared their experiences within the OI4 Alliance, emphasizing the importance of fostering a community of implementers and unveiling an exciting End User project showcased at the fair. Information was also provided about another community: the governmentally funded, international cross-sectoral initiative Manufacturing-X and Factory-X, which aimed to provide the prerequisites for a functioning international Data Space: easily available and consistent data networking, along with the willingness to share data multilaterally.

A big thank you to all the awesome participants, exhibitors, and visitors who helped make this event a huge success. Your excitement and involvement are what keeps driving the progress in Industry 4.0!