Open Industry 4.0


OI4 Strategic Leadership Alignment Meeting 


More than 20 dedicated OI4 members from all over Germany gathered in our Munich office for the OI4 Strategic Leadership Alignment Meeting on June 19th. Work Group and Project Leads, as well as members of the board, were invited to evaluate our current practices within the OI4 Alliance, discuss the future roadmap, and explore ways to enhance value for our members and end customers.

In interactive sessions, we discussed:

  • Ongoing and upcoming implementation projects
  • Strategies to leverage the vast opportunities the market offers
  • Technological advancements to drive more initiatives
  • Approaches to upcoming challenges and regulations

...and so much more.

We could have gone on for another day...

A big thanks to all the active contributors of the meeting who are driving the OI4 Alliance and the entire community towards success:

Britta Waligora
Timothy Kaufmann
Thomas Neumann
Carsten Weber, Ph.D.
Markus Weishaar
Thomas Kreutle
Ruediger Fritz
Samuel Greising
Daniel Bitzer
Konrad Heidrich
Michael Riester
Vitaliy Volevach
Martin Flöer
Christian Heinrich
Simon Stark
Hendrik Priemer
Manuel Görbert
Bastian Schmick
Christian Methe
Dr. Christian Liedtke
Georg Kube

From the OI4 side:
Anna C. Principato
Ekrem Yigitdoel
Christoph Hock
Ricardo Dunkel