Open Industry 4.0

OI4 Member Voices Series: Exploring the Heart of Industry 4.0

We had an incredible opportunity to connect with some visionary members of the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance for our Member Voices series. These engaging video interviews offer a personal insight into the motivations, challenges, and visions of the professionals driving the future of Industry 4.0. 

In this episode, Co-founder & CEO of Endian, Raphael Vallazza, and Vice President of Operations at TVARIT, Vikas Goel, share their motivations for joining the OI4 Alliance. Rica Holzmann, Member of the Executive Board at Soffico GmbH, discusses the insights of the future of Industry 4.0 and the challenges encountered in this rapidly evolving field. 

We also include some fun questions such as the industry's theme song, the superhero associated with your company, and whether robots could outperform humans in dance battles!

 Our Member Voices series aims to showcase the diverse community within the OI4 Alliance and highlight the various contributions to Industry 4.0. These videos are designed to inspire and inform, offering a glimpse into the innovative minds shaping our industry's future. 

Stay tuned for more stories and insights from the dedicated Open Industry 4.0 Alliance members! 


We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our speakers for their invaluable contributions to these videos. 

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