Open Industry 4.0

We are happy to announce new OI4 white paper: "Unlocking Potential: Collaborative Company Perspectives on Asset Administration Shell (AAS)"

This comprehensive paper delves into the collaborative efforts within the OI4 Alliance, focusing on the component supplier workgroup's exploration of digitalization challenges and the adoption of digital twins.

What you will find in the paper:

  • Examination of the group's vision and the growing centrality of digital twins in product and factory digitalization, particularly in addressing market demands for standardized product information.
  • Details on the implementation of standardized digital twins based on Asset Administration Shells (AAS).
  • Highlights of the consortium's approach to achieving implemented standardization and exploration of emerging use cases, such as the digital product passport and value-adding services.
  • Technical aspects, emphasizing the role of AAS in standardization and interoperability, alongside initiatives like Catena-X and Factory-X.
  • Challenges and requirements for successful Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) implementation, advocating for industry-wide standards and cross-industry collaboration.
  • And much more!

Big thanks to the authors:
Markus Weishaar (Dunkermotoren)
Rafael Smidecki (ifm)
Christian Guenther (conplement AG)
Thomas Weisschuh (AS-Schneider Group)
Jonas Urlaub (Kübler Group)
Josua Printz (Bürkert Fluid Control Systems)
Michael Riester (Endress+Hauser Group)

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