Open Industry 4.0

Presentations from the All Members Convention



„OI4 Value Propositions “

Georg Kube, SAP

Christoph Hock, OI4 Alliance



"Shaping manufacturing of tomorrow"

Dirk Engelbrecht, andugo

(live stream)

Insights from the Work Groups



"Open Edge Computing"

Konrad Heidrich, Hilscher



"Open Operator Cloud & Common Cloud Central"

Rüdiger Fritz, SAP

Michael Riester, Endress + Hauser



"Application Management"

Samuel Greising, FLECS Technologies



„Remote Device Management“

Vitaly Volevach, Siemens

Martin Flör, Weidmüller



"Workshop Announcement"

Jens Achenbach, M&M Software

Partnering Associations



"Industrial Digital Twin Association - Standardising the Industrial Digital Twin"

Dr. Christian Mosch, IDTA

Michael Riester, Endress + Hauser



"LNI - SME use cases and testbeds for Industrie 4.0 innovations"

Dr. Dominik Rohrmus, LNI 4.0

OI4 Projects



„Energy Monitoring - reducing the Carbon Footprint"

Simon Stark, Multivac



"Digital Product Passport"

Rüdiger Fritz, SAP



"Multivendor AAS"

Ricardo Dunkel, OI4 Alliance

End customer's view



„Approaching Industry 4.0 at Gerolsteiner“

Eileen Zobus, Gerolsteiner Brunnen

Upcoming Events


"Upcoming Events & Implementation Award"

Ekaterina Dyubanova, OI4 Alliance

"Digital Twin Challenge"

Christian Günther, conplement

What is it and why is it important?"

Christian Methe, DMG-Mori

Georg Kube, SAP

Ekrem Yigitdöl, OI4 Alliance


"Generative AI Survey"

Wolfgang Möller, NTT Data

Photos of the event can soon be found here !