Combining strengths to champion industrial digitalization

First and foremost, our openness and focus on customer success through collaboration differentiates us from other initiatives. The bigger and stronger Open Industry 4.0 Alliance becomes, the better we can collectively overcome challenges and advance the adoption of Industry 4.0.

Beyond allowing our members to actively contribute to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, our approach also creates opportunities for them to harness synergies and accelerate organizational growth. By joining and working with with likeminded industry players, members are able to effectively drive and simplify digitalization for operators, their customers. The net effect: a win-win situation.

How we stand out

Being open is twofold at Open Industry 4.0 Alliance. On the one hand, we promote existing industry standards to ensure interoperability. On the other, we are open to welcoming additional OEMs as members. Your company included.

Our members are committed to developing scalable solutions that fit all enterprises big and small. Later on, this means easy upgrades as a business grows. Plus, our members accommodate everything from small pilot projects to large-scale ones that affect monumental change.

Building and keeping trust is a priority. That’s why our clear data custodianship principle puts operators in control. Each customer decides what to share, and what to keep private.

Easily leverage legacy projects and infrastructure. Our approach is compatible with brownfield solutions, securing existing investments.

Every company that bears the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance label agrees to use certain existing standards. A plus for the manufacturer and its customers. The more members we acquire and the more widespread we become, the greater our reputation worldwide.

By creating a centralized network and marketplace, members can one day seamlessly collaborate with business partners, operators, and service providers. A common standardized communication platform enables easy exchanges today.

Thanks to our open approach and zero vendor lock in, members of the alliance are able to offer their customers attractive, low-risk solutions. Operators gain peace of mind that all components work together seamlessly.

Members provide a central asset repository for operators and manufacturers to share, and to update semantic models. This eases on-boarding, integration, and collaboration.

Many united as one: we bring together several micro-ecosystems that are relevant for operators. By leveraging their individual and common strengths, we create a force that’s more than the sum of its parts.

As a founding member of the alliance, we can offer our current customers in the process industry new digital products and services, which are future-proof and fulfill the high security requirements of the industry.

Hans Huber, General Manager Industrial IoT, Endress+Hauser

From shopfloor to the cloud – our areas of expertise

Collective capabilities

Although the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance itself doesn’t provide products or services, our members certainly do. Explore the interoperable solutions and services by industry segment that our members are currently collaborating and working on.
Operators stand to gain

Customers of alliance members can look forward to achieving a competitive edge thanks to close collaboration with manufacturers and:

  • Faster deployment of digital strategies
  • Secure, scalable solutions
  • Asset modeling via standardized semantics
Explore operator benefits
Join us and profit

All alliance members access next-level benefits that boost their own businesses, and that of their customers. In addition to an open platform, the advantages include:

  • Remote support and upgrades
  • Added value services and new business models
  • Close collaboration with operators
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General alliance FAQs

No, Alliance will not be involved in creating any new industry standards. Alliance members will enforce embracing existing and emerging standards as relevant for their interoperable solutions.

No, Open Industry 4.0 alliance as an entity will not be involved in developing or directly selling any solutions.  Open Industry 4.0 Alliance will provide the framework and guiding principles for interoperability for members. Members of the alliance will create solutions either on their own or collectively as subgroups following the framework for interoperability. In summary members will own the development, support and contractual/selling their solutions to the customer. Open industry 4.0 will support go-to-market and promoting the collective portfolio of solutions and services offered by members.

One of the main differentiators of Open industry 4.0 alliance is principle where in members will create and make available asset model and content (e.g. manuals, etc.) in common asset repository. Also, a common cloud central will allow sharing and collaboration capabilities between OEMs and customers (operators) This helps simplify days and months of work for customers to create on the same on their own. Using Open Industry 4.0 Alliance compliant common cloud central solutions, manufacturers will be able to share these contents to be used as an installed asset/equipment master data directly. This could work in two ways

  • For the customers trusted asset vendors who are already part of the alliance will have the ability to share from pre-created asset repository.
  • If a customer’ asset vendor is not on the network, customers would be able to invite additional OEM vendors to join this network, so that they can populate their asset master. Also, per customers wish alliance would also support in recruiting your critical mass of vendors as members.
  • Finally, customers will also have an ability to create their own master data of asset/equipment.

This asset repository and network is API enabled and can be integrated into customer backend systems to inherit additional meta data definition if needed. This whole set up and process for creating master data brings time to value and data consistency for use across industry 4.0 stack and use cases.

The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance Technical committee holds regular hackathons. Any member can register their solutions for a hackathon where interoperability based on the Open Industry 4.0 design principles is put to the test. Participating in the hackathon with the product and qualified personnel is mandatory to receive approval.

The technical committee of the Open Industry 4.0 develops in collaboration guidelines and interface specifications based on a reference architecture. (Details on the reference architecture can be found in the technical whitepaper.) With the well-defined interfaces from the developed guidelines, hackathons are held on a regular basis to ensure interoperability and determine if member products and solutions are compliant.

All members of this alliance will use common asset repository which provides ability to model their assets and create a common repository. This repository will be fully API enabled to publish replicate detailed asset technical models in any Industry 4.0/IIOT platform belonging either that of an operator or member themselves. This will ensure publishing and usage of common semantics across the stack.