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Explore what lies ahead: delve into Manufacturing-X, Factory-X Business Models for SMEs, Internationalization, and beyond in our live webinar!

The webinar is a streaming from our exclusive OI4 Knowledge Camp event. Big thanks to MULTIVAC Group for hosting the event!


09:00 - 11:00



The experts will provide comprehensive insights into Manufacturing-X, including its objectives, ongoing projects, and the role of Factory-X. Additionally, you will gain a thorough understanding of internationalization strategies within Manufacturing-X and learn about navigating the challenges in industrial manufacturing.



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About the Manufacturing-X and Factory-X initiative

Georg Kube, SAP & Dominik Rohrmus, SIEMENS


What are the goals of Manufacturing-X, what flagship projects and use cases, as well as organizations and committees, are hidden behind these collaborative projects and supported initiatives? Explanation using the example of FX - Open Industry 4.0 Alliance companies, and Open Industry 4.0 Alliance is itself active within the consortium.



Factory-X Business Models for SME

Jonas Wirth, Trumpf



How to make Factory-X Use Cases accessible to the entire industry and ensuring added value for all? 



Internationalization - how Communities can Benefit

Ingo Sawilla, Trumpf

Dr. Sebastian Schneider, DMG Mori


Digitalization transcends national borders, which is why the initiative is being introduced early on to the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWK), industrial companies, as well as associations and multipliers on an international scale.



Factory-X: An Opportunity for SME – Potential of Digital Data Exchange in the industry

Rica Holzmann, Soffico


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Navigating Challenges in Industrial Manufacturing

Matthias Odrobina, PwC



Companies in industrial manufacturing currently face a variety of challenges that require different solutions. Innovative technologies and software solutions promise to be key drivers for efficiency improvements or cost savings within their own organizations. However, they typically address only specific aspects of a strategy and compete with large transformation projects for budgets. With a market survey, we, as PwC Holdings, aim to provide transparency and demonstrate where needs and opportunities lie, which can provide important impulses for both the current and the next generation of "Hidden Champions."



Next Level of Knowledge Sharing

Ekrem Yigitdöl, OI4 Alliance



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