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Discover the Future: Participate in our live webinar to explore the most recent trends in asset management, industrial application management, integrated operations, new reference architectures, and customer insights directly from our exclusive Knowledge Camp (big thanks to MULTIVAC Group for hosting the event!).


14:00 - 16:00



Our experts will uncover secrets about managing information consistently, optimizing processes, integrating operations, handling industrial applications, explain new reference architectures, & more!

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DEXPI – the Entry into Asset Lifecycle Information Management in
Process Industry

Wilhelm Otten, DEXPI


The current information management in the asset lifecycle of the process industry based on drawings/diagram (analog) and Excel lists requires high effort, is complex and error prone. The solution for this problem is a consistent information management along the asset lifecycle, from process development till operation and demolition of the plant, covering the essential disciplines, process engineering, machine/apparatus, piping, and automation.



Application Management

Sam Greising, Flecs


The content of the presentation is to reflect the current status of the Application Management Working Group. We will also take a look at the OKRs for 2024. At the end of the presentation, Sam will give an overview of the World Café, which the working group is organizing the next day for all interested parties.



Development Kit for OI4 compliant Edge Applications

Armin Beck, Hilscher


The OI4 Core Library simplifies and standardizes the development of Open Industry 4.0 Alliance compliant apps. According to the OI4 Development Guideline, developers can model a complete app using the powerful API of the SDK.



New Reference Architectures

Rüdiger Fritz, SAP  & Michael Riester, Endress + Hauser


Rüdiger and Michael (OI4 Workgroup Leads of Common Cloud Central and Open Operator Cloud) will present the current developments in the approach to use case oriented Architectural Guardrails.



Panel Discussion: From Integrated Engineering to Integrated Operations

Moderation - Ricardo Dunkel, OI4 Alliance

Franz Durmeier, Endress+ Hauser

Wilhelm Otten, DEXPI 


The presentations of the IT-OT webinar will be wrapped up by the panel discussion about the way from Integrated Engineering to Integrated Operations with the experts in the area.