Open Industry 4.0

Unlock the Future: Join our live webinar for a deep dive into the industry's latest trends and digital twin technology straight from our exclusive Knowledge Camp (big thanks to MULTIVAC Group for hosting the event!).


10:00 - 13:00



Our experts will unveil the secrets to becoming a digital champion, delve into ongoing projects, and guide you through starting with AAS (Asset Administration Shell).

Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve!

details of the webinar


How to Become a Digital Champion

Tim Schojohann, Cryptar CEO and Plattform Industrie 4.0 Member and Co-Author


In this talk, Tim Schojohann will give an outlook on the upcoming Plattform Industrie 4.0 publication: Becoming a digital champion - Digital transformation towards data economy. This upcoming publication has been written by the CCM working group, focusing on underlying requirements to enable minimum viable collaboration in a multilateral context. 


A bicycle ride: The Digital Product Passport 4.0

Rüdiger Fritz, SAP


A bicycle ride: The Digital Product Passport 4.0: Rüdiger Fritz will explain the 'positive' OI4 approach to DPP burden by illustrating the current state and roadmap of OI4 DPP-Working Group. He further will give some insights of the current DPP legacy.






Consortial Project Component Suppliers: Phase II 
& HM Challenge

Britta Waligora & Christian Günther, conplement


Britta Waligora and Christian Günther will provide insights about the formation of an OI4-  internal consortial project leading to an AAS platform. As Phase 1 is closed they will also draw an outline for activities of and roadmap of Phase 2.



digiZ - Innovation Center

Dr. Arnd Menschig, Zeiss


The presentation introduces digital twin building during asset production at the manufacturer and initial asset operation at the customer using standard communication protocols, micro service software architecture and innovative deployment technologies. For the digital twin usage a harmonized data delivery within various sensor pipelines utilizing well-established protocols and uniform semantics is discussed.



Getting a head start in the world of AAS dataspaces & Eclipse BaSyx

Frank Schnicke, Fraunhofer IESE


AAS dataspaces promise a wealth of benefits for participating organisations. However, building and maintaining your own AAS infrastructure to join a dataspace is a complex task. Existing solutions such as Eclipse BaSyx and the AAS Dataspace for Everbody project allow organisations to get started immediately - without having to worry about every detail.