Onboarding Essentials

Fill in the names with details accordingly.





Fill in the technology capability matrix as well as the service capability matrix (there are two tabs) and send the xlsx-file to info@openindustry4.com.

Hi together,

As indicated in our 3rd breakout session we are working on the Oi4 “product ecosystem”:

Gathering all products that you already have by matching them to our architecture and their improvement metric.

The table is now available online and needs your input and update. The latest version lists 6 companies already – but of course we need a full set!

I also added your feedback to give the chance for a Level 5 entry as well as a column to enter the link to the product.

Keep in mind:

  • Commitment: Only list products that aim to meet OI4 criteria → declaration of intent

  • Everyone's responsibility to update the document

  • Awareness: Listing of products can require product adoption (eg. technically)

  • Everyone's feedback with product-entries required

We want to have valid results that (after reviewed) can be published on the homepage as well as SPS.

If there are any questions about this don’t hesitate to contact the Service Office (info@openindustry4.com)


Dear Member,

We are in process of sending invoices as soon as Open Industry 4.0 Alliance is registered as a Swiss based entity. We will collect the information for sending invoices and want the confirmation for:

  • Company name

  • Address (street, city, postcode, country) of company for invoice

  • Contact person, who will receive the invoice

  • Contact person accounting department

  • Any additional information to consider, according to the country where your company is based

Please respond with your input to the Service Bureau (accounting@openindustry4.com).


Service Bureau of the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance


Please make sure everyone involved into the Membership of the OI4 Alliance in your company knows about the content of the IP Policy.


Fill the checklist throughout your activities, so that the Service Bureau has an overview on what is available from your company.

Contact the leads to share the email IDs of the participants: