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A priceless ecosystem for operators worldwide

Are you an operator and want to fully benefit from digital industrial transformation? You can as a customer of an Open Industry 4.0 Alliance member. Take advantage of a secure, future-proof approach. For faster adoption and interoperable solutions and services from vendors you already trust.

Powerful cases speak for themselves

  • 1

    Maintain master equipment model in asset network

    • Create and manage equipment semantic model
    • Attach birth certificate data with tight integration in OEM’s IT system
    • Share digital content of equipment model for operator collaboration
  • 2

    Connect and onboard assets

    • Easily discover assets via a topology scan
    • Enhance time to value of onboarding assets in open edge computing and cloud platform
    • Instantly collaborate with manufacturers in AIN
  • 3

    Securely share data with manufacturer’s cloud

    • Retain data sharing sovereignty to meet security requirements
    • Benefit from manufacturer-delivered cloud apps, such as Process Expert to optimize and monitor welding process
  • 4

    Manage and improve operational efficiency

    • Enable OpenEdge to deliver manufacturer apps near data and machine
    • Empower operators to visualize data and receive real-time alerts
  • 5

    Optimize equipment operations

    • Easily deploy manufacturer apps at the edge or in the operator’s cloud
    • Example: Illustrate cycle times and support optimization
  • 6

    Visualize overall factory KPIs

    • Effortlessly deliver meaningful insights to decision makers
    • Example: Central dashboards for single or cross-plant KPIs

Benefits for operators

Thanks to flexible, low-risk services and products from our members, customers are able to successfully unlock digital transformation in their factories, plants and warehouses.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Accelerated business operations
  • Easy brownfield onboarding
  • Future-proof and secure solutions and services

Members from the mechanical engineering, industrial process automation and software sectors will benefit from the mutual implementation promise of all alliance members. Thus, all members can develop and offer their relevant, compatible solution and service portfolio.

Nils Herzberg, Global Head – Strategic Partnerships, Digital Supply Chain and Industry 4.0, SAP

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Operator FAQs

Please reach out with contact us page on the website or via an email:

Open Industry 4.0 Alliance core focus will be to serve customers Industry 4.0 digital transformation goals for manufacturing execution, quality & assets operations, service/maintenance and logistics (warehouse) business processes.

The primary target industry segments are:

  • Discrete Manufacturing, examples: automotive, Industrial manufacturing and components
  • Process Industries, examples: Chemicals, Life science, Life-science

The road to digitalization with Industry 4.0/IIOT processes for the operators is a very long one, the challenges are well documented by leading analysts. The main goal envisioned by Open Industry 4.0 Alliance members is to provide solutions to mitigate current customer challenges, accelerate the adoption and reduce the time to deploy digital industry 4.0/IIOT solutions by bringing collective expertise of leading IT & OT providers who are members of this alliance to our customers.

Main Benefits for our customers that this alliance will bring are

  • Asset Modeling through standardized semantics enables faster development and interoperability across existing IT/OT landscape and
  • quick results with pre-built Edge to Cloud Apps & Integration provided by alliance members covering high value use cases by industry segments
  • Faster Enablement of digital strategy with readily available asset model repository and plug & play asset onboarding
  • Tight collaboration with manufacturers for asset contents and rule based bidirectional data sharing capability

E2E Services for both IT & OT including mitigating any connectivity challenges to enable greenfield and brownfield coverage.

No, one of the focuses to achieve “openness” is interoperability. This means that solutions offered are API enabled to integrate across an existing IT setup of our customers. Secondly, the common asset model repository is also API enabled and this allows use of common data semantics in the spirit of this “Open” approach. All of this makes members offered solutions across the industry 4.0 stack fully modular and enables customers to fully build on top of existing IIOT platforms if they so desire.  For more details please refer to technical whitepaper

Alliance members focused on discrete and process industry sub-groups are already engaged with early adopter customers respectively. Open Industry 4.0 members have already initiated design and build for interoperable solutions for targeted use cases. First proofs of concept for all layers of the OI4 reference architecture are expected for Hanover fair 2020. For more details in the technical roadmap, please consult the technical whitepaper. In summary, alliance members are open for business and ready to engage with operators and customers. Our alliance members will be supporting interested customers as of right now. Open Industry members are looking for customers across manufacturing and logistics (Warehouse).

Yes. As part of validating alliance ideas and collecting feedback with some targeted customers, the Open Industry 4.0 alliance has also received interest from customers to be members. The feedback from few surveyed customers, were that that they are interested in working groups and in collaborating with the eco-system members to further evolve solutions for high value use cases.

Solutions FAQs

The OI4 concept is hardware independent. If the hardware supports the basic requirements of the OI4 Open Edge Computing layer, it is possible to run the edge application framework on your hardware. Specific features might only be available on hardware from preferred/integrated partners.

The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance data federation concept on edge and cloud level provides data lake support. Customers can control which data is forwarded to which components on each level of the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance reference architecture.

Yes, connectivity could be achieved using protocol converters to supported protocols. Initial focus is put on widely spread protocols such as IO-Link, Modbus, OPC UA etc. Open Industry 4.0 Alliance members will also provide native connectors for less common legacy protocols.

Interfaces to local or cloud-based data lakes are included in the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance reference architecture. Customers can configure the publishing of data to local data stores on the edge layer and on the cloud layer. For more information on how this will work, see the technical whitepaper.

It is the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance’s objective to transform existing architectures and to provide member–developed, innovative, end-to-end interoperable solutions and services. For more details, download the technical whitepaper from

Yes, Open industry 4.0 alliance will publish the list of member solutions and service capability can be requested by reaching out via email: